Make-up kit

Beauty Essentials Student Kit
Make-up Case with two pouches
Brush Roll
MUD #100 Brush
MUD #210 Brush
MUD #310 Brush
MUD #320 Brush
MUD #350 Brush
MUD #500 Brush
MUD #710 Brush
MUD #930 Brush
MUD #940 Brush
Black Cake Eyeliner
2 Cheek Color refills – Russet & Rose Petal
Corrector Palette
Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener
12-Hole Empty Palette
10-Hole Empty Palette
2 Eye Pencils – Auburn & Taupe
6 Eye Color Refills – Sienna, Apricot, Sunset, Brownstone, Pixie, & Chamois
Foundation Palette #1
Foundation Palette #2
Face Primer
Highlight & Shadow Palette
Shine Lip Gloss
2 Lip Pencils – Red & Natural
3 Lipsticks – Mai Tai, Rose Clay, & Lady Bug
Zero Loose Powder
Stainless Steel Make-up Palette
Black Mascara
Stainless Steel Palette Knife
Cover Cloth
2 Small Spray Bottles
Eyebrow Tweezers
Brow Fix
Strip Lash Short
Lash Flares Medium
Lash Flares Individual Lashes
Pointed Q-tips
Manicure Scissors
Eyelash Curler
Make-up Remover Towelettes
Mascara Wands
2x 10-Packs of Powder Puffs
4x Packs of Sponges
Duckbill Hair clips
Make-up Designory’s
Beauty Make-up ISBN: 978-0-9749500-1-3
Beauty Make-up Workbook ISBN: 978-0-9749500-6-8

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