Terms and conditions

Art. 1: These general conditions apply to all assignments given / reservations and orders to and agreements with Make-up Designory Evropa d.o.o. (hereof regarded as MUD) , trading under the name “Makeup Designory” unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Art. 2:  By sending the registration form filled on this web page, the participant agrees to these terms. Registration / registration for a course or activity can only be made using the appropriate registration form on our website.

Art.3: The term “customer” means within the meaning of these terms all those who place an order, order or course booking at MUD.

Art. 4: All offers, made in whatever form,  are without obbligation and apply only as an invitation to the giving or providing a course or order / contract, unless otherwise specified by MUD. They are deemed to have been accepted by the customer once the order of services and / or goods, a course bookings has been given by telephone or in writing, by fax, by email or transmitted through the website shop.mudeurope.com . An order is considered by MUD to be accepted once confirmed in writing, by fax, by mail or confirmed through the website to the customer unless otherwise stated by MUD.

Art. 5: All bills and / or invoices for courses, services, selling and / or reservations of MUD must be paid in cash or by a wired money transfer (including credit card payments).  In non-cash payment, the customer is legally in default without being required an additional letter of formal notice.  In that case and interest rate of 1% per month is to be paid on the due amount.

Art. 6: A registration for a course or activity is only final when the customer has paid in advance the full 100% of the course price at the latest within 14 working days after written confirmation of the registration application by MUD. The maturity period of 10 days begins on the date of written confirmation of MUD. If payment of the aforementioned advance is not received, the agreement between the customer and MUD is void. One late payment does not advance agreement between the parties.  If the customer – after the expiry of the aforementioned time-limit – still want to participate in the course or activity,  a new application form must be completed and MUD will confirm the application for registration in writing  again. A new deadline of 10 working days begins to run for payment of the deposit. The late advance payment will be charged when a new application for registration is confirmed by MUD. If a new application is not accepted for registration,  MUD will refund the late advance payment to the customer.

Art. 7: The client agrees that certain products must be purchased for the training sessions provided by MUD, especially the so-called kit. The purchase must be made at MUD.  The kit once opened, remains property of the client and is non refundable.

Art. 8: The client has the option to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without paying a penalty and without giving any reason. The withdrawal period starts on the day after the receival of the confirmation from MUD.

If the customer wants to withdraw, he must submit his application within the period of withdrawal in writing to MUD  (The client can do this using the standard form in annex.)

Promptly and in any event within 14 days from the date of his decision to withdraw from the contract is communicated to MUD, the customer sends back or hand them over to the company’s products have already received. The customer bears the direct cost of returning the goods.

If the implementation of the provision of services has begun with the consent of the customer before the end of the withdrawal period, and the customer wants to withdraw from the contract, MUD refunds the customer an amount of the remaining hours of lessons multiplied by 15 EUR. (i.e. if the course has 24 hours left until completion, the customer is refunded 24 x 15 EUR = 360 EUR.

Art. 9: If the customer cancels an enrollment for a course or activity (for whatever reason) at the end of the withdrawal period and at least 16 days before the start of the course or activity the customer is not entitled to a refund of the advance payment, but the advance payment can be used for a subsequent training that would follow at MUD  customers, insofar as training goes on within 3 years after cancellation of the course activity.

If the customer cancels an enrollment for a course or activity (for whatever reason) after the course has already started, he is entitled for a refund amounting in number of class hours not yet held times 15 EUR. In no case can the customer return the students’ kit.

Art. 10: All bills and / or invoices are binding and are considered as accepted unless the customer within 7 days after the invoice date dissatisfaction in writing notifies on MUD. Any late protests will be considered non-existent and irrelevant.

Art. 11:  All charges through both judicial and non-judicial way are entirely borne by the customer. If any provision or clause of the present conditions are void or are found to be unenforceable, this is limited to this clause only and the remaining provisions of the agreement remain valid. The applicable conditions will have to be interpreted as a whole that the original intent of the parties as closely as possible. MUD and the customer submit regarding these general terms and with regard to all agreements between the parties to the Slovenian law. The courts and peace courts of the district or district of the seat of MUD have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute relating to the agreement between the parties, however MUD reserves the rights to initiate any proceedings before the courts and peace courts of the domicile of the defendant.

Art. 13: During all courses and activities organized by MUD, both directly and indirectly, the participant is liable for his or her damage caused to goods, property and buildings of both MUD and others, as well as to individuals; even if there is no intent. MUD shall not be liable for any damage, loss, theft or damage to property, goods and money or damage to persons, for whatever reason, during its direct or indirect, based courses and activities.

Art. 14: The leaflets and the website of MUD prices and dates are subject to errors.

Art. 15: On the websites and brochures MUD  no rights can be derived by the customer.

Art. 16: The courses and (vocational) training courses include an obligation of means and not of result.  MUD is not responsible for the success or failure of a student for any examination or test whatsoever.

Art. 17: MUD reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course or activity because of too few participants. In the event of such cancellation MUD will refund the customers in full.

Art. 18: MUD is not liable for damages resulting from cancellation, delay or changes to the course or activity.


Notice of revocation
(Just fill in this form and return when you want to withdraw from the contract)

(Name and address of the trader)
I / We (*) Give / make known here that I / We (*) withdraw.
Closing Agreement:
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Signature (s) of consumer (s) (only if this form is notified on paper):
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Acknowledgement of the receipt of information:
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