Certified Programs

Today’s beauty professionals need to know more than hair and skincare, they must be competent in all aspects of their craft. For this reason, Make-up Designory has created a group of classes in make-up artistry to help students of cosmetology and esthetics and licensed professionals meet the full needs of their clientele. The courses are held conveniently at MUD’s main campuses, Partner Schools, and internationally at MUD Studios.

Individual Courses

Make-up Designory has courses and groups of courses to meet the needs of licensed professionals. For this reason, all classes require Beauty Essentials as a prerequisite. All classes are also offered as continuing education for beauty professionals. These courses have been developed to build upon one another, so that students will benefit from the combined materials and the progressive nature of the curriculum. MUD has created groups of classes to illustrate possible combinations. These groups are designed to provide comprehensive training in various aspects of make-up artistry.

Great educational methodology

MUD Studio courses are based on the same great educational methodology and teacher training that has helped to make MUD a bedrock in make-up education. The courses are pulled from the same curriculum that comprises the longer programs at MUD, but are broken up into smaller modules. These modules can be taken separately or combined, allowing the student to transfer their education to one of MUD’s main campuses.

MUD Studio is a combination of Make-Up Designory’s retail and educational offerings that provide customers with certified MUD products and unparalleled education in make-up artistry. MUD invites customers to attend weekend or evening seminars, host workshops for make-up enthusiasts, and even offer professional make-up courses and programs for MUD certification.

Working together like professionals

At Make-Up Designory (MUD) we know that the students, instructors, and administrators who meet together in our school today are the professionals who will be working together in the future. This is why we work hard to maintain an atmosphere of respect and courtesy. We ask our students to treat their school environment like a working environment, and maintain proper personal and professional hygiene at all times. MUD students are also expected to maintain their workstations and classroom at a professional level of presentation. Students are required to clean their equipment, stations, and mirrors at the end of each day of class. In addition, each instructor will outline any additional rules that are pertinent to his or her classroom, including cell phone usage, eating in class, chewing gum, and more.

MUD conducts active, hands-on programs in a rigorous professional environment. In order to maximize the learning process, we require all students to work and to model. When a student is the artist, she will approach her assignment as though she is working on a real job. This includes maintaining a high standard of courtesy and professionalism, keeping tools and the station clean, being aware of the model’s comfort and ability to breathe, and keeping the model’s clothing protected with a cover cloth. When modeling, a student will remain still and quiet, and will cooperate with the artist’s requests without dispensing opinions or advice.

Attendance requirements

MUD students are expected to treat class responsibilities in a professional manner. This includes arriving to class on time and being prepared for the day’s assignment. MUD instructors and staff expect each student to be in the classroom, with the station set up and ready for work at the beginning of each class. It is our intention to establish behaviors and habits that will help a student to succeed in his/her professional career. Students are to avoid incurring absences and tardies that will interfere with the educational outcomes of the course and curriculum.
Students are required to maintain a minimum attendance of 90 percent of the scheduled hours in order to graduate. A student’s physical presence in class is necessary for it to count towards the cumulative attendance; as a result, tardiness and absence will not be excused for any reason. For the purpose of recording accurate attendance, instructors will round up any tardy to the nearest quarter-hour. A tardy is defined as arriving late for the start of class, arriving late after a break, arriving late after lunch, or leaving class early. Students who are marked absent for a day have zero recorded hours of attendance for the day on which they are absent.

Students not meeting the minimum attendance requirement of 90 percent may be subject to administrative action up to and including termination. At the discretion of the School, students that do not meet, or are in jeopardy of not meeting, the attendance standard may be required to attend
unscheduled hours to remediate lesson material or practical applications as deemed necessary by the course Instructor or a Lead Instructor.

Get the best out of your course

Students are required to complete homework assignments in addition to class assignments. Each instructor will assign the homework, along with its due date. Homework turned in on time will receive full credit. Homework turned in late will receive half credit. If a student is absent on the day homework is due, he or she may turn in the assignment for full credit on the first day back from the absence. If the student is missing assignments or tests or has missed class time, the instructor will provide him or her with a plan to help get caught up and additional practice or testing periods can be scheduled. Students who are required to make up missed assignments, tests or time are encouraged to do so while they are still attending class.

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