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We are the leading make-up school dedicated to providing quality education in the craft of make-up artistry. With our main campuses in USA, and MUD Studios and partner schools across the world we brought our unique educational experience closer to you. All of the courses offered in our curriculum are taught by experienced, professional artisans. We can prepare you for a journey to becoming a professional make-up artist.
Creating honest make-up products and providing quality education have been our passions for the past two decades. We conduct rigorous testing for our line of cosmetics through industry experts and up-and-coming make-up artists to ensure we meet professional standards for today and tomorrow. We promise high quality, long-lasting wearability, flawless application, and radiantly accurate color. No matter weather it is for professional or personal use, MUD will deliver the products that you’ve expected.

Tumbleweeds and lonely diners, forget yesterday and make the great escape. It’s time to sell your soul to the open road and drive all night. Remember, if you don’t know where you’regoing, any road will take you there…

Great Escape Look

Apricot  Eye Color

Espresso Eye Color

Bronzed Eye Color

Black Eye pencil

Gingerbread Cheek Colour

Maple Lip Pencil

Mudslide Lipstick


Why you should become a MUD student

Our curriculum provides students with practical, real-world skills in an academic format designed to maximize the learning process. Each year, our schools train hundreds of students around the world in a variety of make-up specialties. Whether a student chooses the intricacies of prosthetics or the delicacy of beauty make-up, Make-up Designory brings unique skills to everyone.

I wanted to get an understanding of make-up, acquire advanced knowledge, receive invaluable experience, and awaken my own creativity. MUD is a choice without competition.

Sergeja Jelenko

I chose the MUD School because I have always been interested in make-up. I wanted to gain real knowledge on a professional level, and it turned out that MUD was the right place.

Sabina Golob

When working with other people, everybody will notice the difference between those who studied at MUD and those who didn’t. Just three words to describe MUD Education: clean, precise, and outstanding.

Carolina Giorgianni

Before choosing MUD I already knew what I wanted from my make-up education: real skills, expertise, and valid connections. Gladly, MUD Studio Milano has brilliantly satisfied all my requests, and now I can be confident and competent of my working experiences any time, thanks to the dedicated people working daily to keep the team solid and efficient.

Giorgia Gervasio

Get inspired

Being inspired by an artist or art period is not about duplication, it is about expressing one’s own unique interpretation of their work.

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