A higher education in make-up

At Make-up Designory,  we’ve spent over two decades developing the finest make-up education and professional cosmetics you’ll find anywhere in the world.  Now, we bring our prestigious educational system, stellar professional standards and exceptional make-up to estheticians, cosmetologists, beauty schools and businesses worldwide. Our MUD family of institutions provides our students with a thorough training in the art of professional make-up – a classic program that transcends cultures and borders – offering the knowledge, creative tools and mastery to build an extraordinary career.

From our world-renowned campuses to our MUD-certified programs in all corners of the globe,  Make-up Designory provides the foundation that will help your make-up dreams come true.  Our celebrated faculty travels the world to train and support our educational partners.

When you join the MUD system, you can transfer credits between any of our certified institutions.

Why you should become a MUD student?

Our curriculum provides students with practical, real-world skills in an academic format designed to maximize the learning process. Each year, our schools train hundreds of students around the world in a variety of make-up specialties. Whether a student chooses the intricacies of prosthetics or the delicacy of beauty make-up, Make-up Designory brings unique skills to everyone.





As the acknowledged global leaders in make-up education, we stay on the pulse of our industry – helping artists everywhere on their journey to make-up excellence. Once you complete a MUD educational curriculum, you become a part of our global community, forever benefiting from the prestige of the MUD brand name. Together, we applaud the business successes of the many MUD alumni who are changing the face of our industry – and celebrate the award-winning graduates who enter the elite of our profession.

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